Commercial Powerwashing

Commercial Powerwashing

Professional Grafitti Removal and Commercial Powerwashing in Maryland & Delaware

commercial roof cleaningDoes your hotel or business have a dirty roof? Has your storefront recently been tagged with graffiti? Let Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning take care of your commercial cleaning needs on the Eastern Shore. We specialize in softwash roof cleaning for commercial properties as well as graffiti removal and powerwashing for a thorough clean of your commercial exteriors.

Before replacing your roof which will cost you tens of thousands of dollar, give our Maryland commercial roof cleaners a call to have it cleaned! Commercial cleaning is a large area of business for us here at Kendall Roof Cleaning. Just because your roof has black streaks, and green moss growing on it does not mean that you need to replace the roof. In most cases, these roofs are only 10-15 years old and nowhere near the 30 years that is supposed to be achieved.

Commercial Roof Cleaning

Our process is a low pressure cleaning system that gently applies a custom made solution to the roof at only 60 psi! The solution dwells on the roof and within 20 minutes the roof is visually cleaner. Our low pressure system attacks to mold and mildew at the roots and kills the mold. Cleaning with our solution provides us with a 100% kill ration of all mold and leave your roof looking brand new fcommercial roof cleaning, delawareor 5-6 years!

Commercial Power Washing

When it comes to maintain the siding of your business, we have the proper equipment and knowledge to clean every material. From dryvit to aluminum we know which process will leave your commercial building looking like new! Whether your looking to clean your bed a breakfast or a hospital, we can walk you through the process and work with your schedule!

Graffiti Removal

Has your property been graffiti-ed? Give us a call today and we will make it our top priority to come out and remove the graffiti the same day. We know what its like to have someone disrespect property, and the image can potentially hurt business. As a local business, we will do our best to help you out and have you looking professional again in a matter of hours! Depending on the material that has been graffiti-ed, we will use solutions, brushes and even pressure wash if need be!

You can rely on us as your professionals for all your exterior cleaning needs. From powerwashing to soft wash roof cleaning, Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning is the company you can trust with all your commercial cleaning needs in Maryland and Delaware.

If you are looking for Commercial Cleaning in Maryland, please call us at 443-880-7011 to speak to a Customer Service Representative