Deck Restoration

Deck Restoration

Maryland Deck Restoration & Cleaning Experts

deck-restoration-marylandWhen it comes to deck restoration in Maryland, proper maintenance, upkeep and deck cleaning is sometimes set to the side! It’s time to take back your deck from the mold and sun damage – let the professional Maryland deck restoration specialists at Kendall Scapes properly restore your deck. We utilize a several step deck cleaning and restoration process to ensure that the original beauty of your deck is restored. The process we use for deck restoration at Kendall Scapes was learned during our certification process that all employees must participate in. So you can rest assured your deck will be in good hands when you choose Kendall Scapes for your deck restoration and cleaning needs in Maryland and the surrounding areas.

Our Deck Restoration Process:

  • Power Washing: removes dirt and debris from your Deck
  • Stripping: removes the existing stain, paint or sealer
  • Brightening: brings out the natural colors of the your wood deck and neutralizes stripping compound
  • Sanding/Buffing: opens up the wood to allow the stain to penetrate the wood better and creates a smooth surface to walk on
  • Staining: provides the desired color and acts as a protective barrier against harmful moisture and uv rays
  • Maintenance Coat: applied annually to your deck or as needed to continue protecting against harmful moisture and uv rays

Restoring your deck can make your Maryland home and outdoor space feel new again! Call today to have a representative come out and take a look at your deck for no cost! With over 60 colors of stain to choose from we have the right fit for you!

Professional Deck Cleaning in Maryland & Delaware

At Kendall Scapes we’re happy to help our customers not only restore their decks, but clean and stain them as well. We use a several step process when it comes to deck cleaning in Maryland and the surrounding areas. Starting with our prep, we first tap in any nail heads that have popped up. The second cleaning step would be to pressure wash any dirt, mold, mildew away. The final step in our deck cleaning process is to apply a wood brightener to restore the decks natural color.

After this step it is necessary to let the deck dry for 2-3 days. Once we return we will sand anything on the deck that needs to be, and begin staining with the deck stain of your choice!

If you are looking for Deck Restoration in Maryland, please call us at 443-880-7011 to speak to a Customer Service Representative