Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Maryland and Delaware Roof Cleaning using Soft Wash Methods – Safe & Effective!

At Kendall Roof and Exterior Cleaning, we are the original and leading  Maryland and Delaware roof cleaning company in the area, providing specialized soft wash roof cleaning for maryland-roof-cleaninga safe yet effective clean.  Is your Eastern Shore home in need of a roof cleaning due to black stains and green moss buildup?  Read more information below on roof cleaning facts and process or click on a service area!

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Roof Stains & How Roof Cleaning Can Help

Why does my roof turn black? And Why Now? The first question that needs to be answered.. About 25 years ago shingle manufactures maryland-roof-cleaning-softwashbegan to add a limestone filler into the shingles in order to add weight and reduce to cost of shingles. The side-effect of this was that limestone is a food source for airborne spores that are given off from trees and other vegetation. Between the sun light hitting the north and east side of your home, and the food source in your shingles, you have just created the perfect breeding ground for mold! (The black streaks on your roof are mold.) Some of our worst service areas for roof mold are Ocean Pines, Salisbury, Millsboro, Delaware, Rehoboth and Berlin, MD. This is due to the close proximity of the trees and the humid spring and summer conditions.

Can the mold hurt the integrity of my roof? Absolutely! As the mold bonds to your roof it grows, eating more and more limestone. The black streaks begin to spread down and across your roof . This can lead to 3 problems. Premature replacement of a roof. The average roof is rated for 30 years, but it is not uncommon to see roofs being replaced at 15 years due to mold. The second problem is that when the roof is covered in mold, the shingles are not able to reflect heat, which can directly impact your summer cooling bill. And lastly, mold can make its way into the home resulting in some health problems.

Why replace when you can clean?

Roof Cleaning in Maryland and Delaware is a new discovery, as the climate changes new problems prevail. We are here to help.We are trying to educate the public on the roof and exterior cleaning process by using low pressure. This year alone on the Eastern Shore of Maryland we saved a little over $2 million dollars in UN-needed roof replacements. We would like to spread the savings along! Replacing a roof is very expensive, when most times all you need is a cleaning!

Maryland and Delaware Roof Cleaning: Chemical Cleaning Vs. Pressure Washing

Most of our visitors have never heard of roof cleaning. Not all areas of the region are in need of this service, and it is a result of the humid Maryland and Delaware Roof Cleaningweather that causes mold and mildew to thrive in Maryland. However, there is alot of misinformed “cleaning” providers in the MD,DE, and Virginia area that believe the only solution it to blast everything away with high pressure!

Our goal is to properly educate our customers about their most prized possession, their homes, and what is the most expensive part of a home – the roof! No matter what your roofing cover is, asphalt shingles, concrete tile, or cedar shake, the only safe and approved method of cleaning is done with a chemical mixture combined by a professional roof cleaning company and applied at a low pressure!



Why Chemically Clean Your Roof?

As apposed to our low pressure roof and exterior cleaning system, pressure washing has many negative side effects. The first is that  high pressure Maryland Roof Cleaningwater is lodged places that it is not supposed to be, such as behind vinyl siding and into windows, as well as removing parts of your roof that should stay in tact!

Chemically cleaning your roof is both safe and extremely effective. Kendall Roof Cleaning is able to apply this algae-cide and fungicide that cleans on contact by removing the mold by the roots and depositing a defensive barrier in the spot left open as to almost “wax your roof” Here is a link to read more about the roof cleaning process.

Help add years to the life of your roof! Call us today to make a reservation. Pricing based on sq footage. Call our Maryland roof cleaning experts for details!