Kendall Scapes Reviews – Maryland Roof Cleaning Testimonials

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To Whom it may concern,

I am writing to give my highest recommendation regarding Lee Kendall of Today Lee and his assistant Tyler, cleaned my roof,gutters,and siding. To say I am highly satisfied is an understatement. They arrived exactly when the appointment was scheduled and were very well mannered, highly professional and operated in a very safe manner. Their equipment is heavy duty and well maintained.

The roof was in dire need of a cleaning due to lots of black streaks. Because we live in a wooded area, there was considerable amount of moss growing on the shingles. Now my roof looks like new. The gutters were clogged with leaves and the siding, especially the gables, had a lot of green algae. Now everything looks great. Lee even cleaned my very large pool deck and front brick sidewalk, at no extra charge.

I am considering relocation and am positive that Lee’s work has increased not only the appearance but also the value of my home. My investment to have Lee Kendall and Tyler beautify my home was very reasonable and money well spent. Let Kendall Scapes clean your home, you will be glad you did.

Bob Stover, Parsonsburg MD

We saw Lee’s both at the Ocean City Condo show and learned about the whole roof cleaning process and had him come out and preform a roof cleaning. To our surprise our roof looks brand new. The roof was 15 years old with black stain, and green moss growing in the gutters. They showed up on time and were very nice young men, they have a great business on their hands.

-Debora Katzinki, Ocean City, MD

My wife saw Lee’s add in the classifieds next to my company’s add. We had our roof cleaned once before and found out from Lee that it had been power-washed. After talking with Lee over the phone, my wife hired him to complete the job based solely on his polite manners. We live about a hour north of where the company is from and he was here right on time and did exactly what he said he was going to do. Great Job, and good luck with everything.

-Dave Foreman

Lee has maintained my commercial warehouse even before he started his company, he always shows up the same day of the week to cut the grass and whenever I need something done I email him and its complete.

-Rich Chandler

Our neighbors recommended having our roof cleaned by Kendall Scapes. We were very surprised with the end result, our roof looks brand new! They were very fast, in and out in less than 3 hours! There was one little spot left, which he assured us would wash away in the rain, sure enough its gone.

– Angie Bunting

I thought that our roof would be too large for a reasonable price.We were quoted 30k to replace it, Kendall Scapes quoted less than a 15th of the price to clean and prolong the life! I was excited to hear this and very pleased with the results and the money it saved!

– Mel Barnes

When we moved into our new home, the last thing we wanted to worry about was trying to clean our siding. We were pleasantly surprised with how easy Lee made it! They even trimmed all of our trees and hauled everything away. We are glad we found Lee and his business!

– Mary and Bill Public

My realtor suggested Kendall Scapes to me in order to sell my home at the beach faster. They came in and cleaned 2 decks, 2 over head porches, gutters, and lattice work around the house. My next trip to the beach I discovered that they had also cleaned the garage doors and the concrete below them without charging me! Very pleased, I would use them again if my house was not for sale, but there card will go along with the house!

-Tomas Milone

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